D.A. Studies Language School

Success is guaranteed!

D.A. Studies Language School has been active in foreign language learning for the last 10 years and stands out for its educational program which is based on its tailor made curriculum, experienced teachers and the use of multimedia and Interactive White Boards. Our methodology is a guarantee for our students’ success in the exams, where we have had very high success levels all of these years.

Our 10 year presence in the education field, our experienced teachers and the up-to-date technological means we use, ensures that our students learn to speak, express themselves and think in the language of their preference, with absolute success!

All of our teachers are experienced University graduates in English Language and Literature, and they organize the lesson in such a way that it is more interesting, enjoyable, faster and most of all more efficient!

Our spacious, modern classrooms, combined with the fact that we keep the number of the students in each class low (no more than 10 students), allows us to be more flexible, teach faster and keep the level of education provided a high level!

Here, the learning process is completed with a full exam preparation program which includes frequent practice tests, both written and oral, with the help of our London Expert!

At D.A Studies success is guaranteed!!

Our Facilities

Technology in the service of education!

The facilities of a school play a very important role in the learning process and in the psychology of the student. That is why here at D.A Studies we have created a cosy and modern environment!

D.A. Studies Language School has three contemporary and spacious classrooms, fully equipped with interactive whiteboards and all the necessary technological means!
All classrooms and the whole school are fully connected to the internet. Moreover our classrooms are bright and beautifully decorated with the crafts of our little students, which are part of our learning process!

In addition, there is a library in our school, with a collection of books of all levels that is accessible to all of our students!

All of the above bring our students closer to the culture of the foreign language they are studying giving them a holistic learning experience!